Love Island viewers are convinced the postcard is returning in tonight's episode 1 year ago

Love Island viewers are convinced the postcard is returning in tonight's episode

We love to see it.

Love Island fans are convinced they know what is around the corner on tonight's episode of Love Island - and if they're right, we're certainly in for a lot of drama.


In the preview for tonight's episode that was shown last night, we saw Andrew getting upset as he broke down in tears, but until we see the episode, we won't know for sure.

Fans are convinced they know just what the reason was, and think it might have something to do with the Casa Amor postcard.

As we've seen over the last few days, Andrew has had his head turned by Coco despite being in a strong couple with Tasha, seeing him get to know the new girl and even sharing a few kisses.

Tasha on the other hand has been getting to know new boy Billy and has kissed him, but seems to be more conflicted when it comes to making a decision about what she should do.


Tonight we see Andrew in tears and being supported by pal Jacques, and while his head is in his hands, fans are sure the postcard has arrived and caused chaos.

The postcard usually shows pictures of whoever is in Casa Amor and the antics they get up to, and has been known to completely switch up the dynamic in the main villa.

Viewers have gathered that the card will show Tasha kissing Billy, and it's believed this will send him into a spiral.


One person said on Twitter: "Andrew definitely got that postcard never seen him that stressed since entering the villa."

Another said: "i don’t want to see jacques kissing lord farquad or andrew weeping like a widow I WANT TO SEE THE POSTCARDS."


A fourth added: "If the postcard is tomorrow and Andrew is crying at tasha but hes done the same."


Another wrote: "Andrew better not be crying over the postcard bc if so send me in there so I can bitch slap him."