Love Island's Paige opens up on the moment she changed her mind about Jacques viewers didn't see 4 months ago

Love Island's Paige opens up on the moment she changed her mind about Jacques viewers didn't see

Viewers never got to see it.

Love Island star Paige Thorne has opened up about her time in the villa, and more specifically the moment she decided to go for Adam Collard over Jacques O'Neill.


After finishing in fifth place with Adam, Paige revealed that she was coaxed off camera to get to know him more just before Jacques decided to leave the show.

Speaking to Fubar Radio, Paige said she was initially "put off" Adam after hearing what the other girls in the villa had said about him and how he acted on the show the first time around, as she didn't know who he was.

It was then when the producers convinced her to talk to him, saying: "I got pulled aside and they were like, 'Paige, why are you already writing him off before you've had a chance?'

"I was like, because of what the girls have been saying. I don't need to have a chat with him to know there's not going to be a difference, and they were like 'no, be open-minded and just talk to him and give him a chance.'"


She then said that the other islanders told her Adam was playing a game, adding: "I was just like, what is the point, he's just going to be a massive player, I'm not in here for a player, I'm here for something serious."

Paige and Jacques had been coupled up since he entered the villa despite his head turning in Casa Amor, which caused some issues in the relationship and led to him eventually leaving the show only days after Adam joined.

Speaking in a separate interview, Adam said he only returned to the show for a second time was for the financial opportunities that come along with it.


"You are getting a few followers, if you have a business, like me, it's going to help amplify that and put you in a better situation and there's going to be loads of really good opportunities afterward,” he said.

"So yes, everyone comes on and says 'I am here to find love' and that, yes you kind of are and obviously that is unreal, but nobody is daft.”