Love Island's snappy one liners have everyone talking 2 days ago

Love Island's snappy one liners have everyone talking

Icons only.

After we saw two islanders getting dumped from the villa last night, others' true intentions started showing, and boy, did some people spot it immediately.


After Ikenna and Amber were voted off the show, we saw Indiyah and Dami given a chance to pursue their relationship, but it wasn't going to happen without a comment or two being made.

Despite fans waiting nervously to see who would be dumped and to see how things between Dami and Indiyah would evolve, it was Luca who managed to steal the moment with a brutal one liner.

Speaking about the two being dumped, Dami said: "The way it was left, it was too quick. I spoke with Indiyah and we’re on the same page and was going to tell Amber tomorrow but I could have tonight, I didn’t know she was going to go."

Speaking again to the boys in the bedroom about this, Dami was shocked at Amber's departure when Luca decided to step in and completely snap him back into reality.


Taking some pages out of some ex-Islanders books, Luca told him: "if you really liked her you’d leave with her."

Fans couldn't cope with this, with one tweeting: "luca’s one liners are acc too much #LoveIsland."

Another said: "Luca saying ‘if you really liked her you’d leave with her’ my fave line which I use every series."


A third wrote: "“if you really liked her you’d leave with her” luca is mad."

But he wasn't the only one with some savage comebacks during last night's episode as Davide had a thing or two to say that had fans talking.

After he had the viral line "you're a liar, an actress, go the f**k out" last week after the fallout from the Ekin-Su/Jay terrace drama, Davide was back with another one liner that nearly topped Luca's.


Speaking to Luca in the kitchen, Ekin-Su admitted that the "ship hadn't left the harbour" completely on her romance with Davide despite being in a couple with Jay.

But it seems that Davide doesn't feel the same as he told Jay very clearly that things were completely over, gracing fans with the iconic one liner: "I'd rather go home and be single."

Fans couldn't cope with this either, with one writing: "The producers and editors are outstanding. Going from Ekin saying the ship has not sailed to “I’d rather be single and go home”. Crying."

Another wrote: "Jay trying to move on, Ekin-Su trying to use Jay to get to Davide, and Davide not wanting anything to do with it."

A third wrote: "I’d rather be seen going home” DAVIDE IS ICONIC."


Love Island returns tonight on Virgin Media One at 9pm.