Netflix have added a brand new documentary about the real life Dirty John 2 years ago

Netflix have added a brand new documentary about the real life Dirty John

"One of the lessons of this story is that monsters don't always look like monsters."

Can't get enough of the story Dirty John? 


Well, we've got some goods news: Netflix have added a new documentary about the real life John Meehan.

Dirty John, The Dirty Truth was released on Netflix the streaming service recently and, so far, it has been a massive hit with true crime fans.

The filmmakers gives viewers a chilling look into the "decades long criminal career" of the serial predator, John Meehan.

It features interviews with the women Meehan tormented, manipulated and abused - including his ex wives, Tonia Bales and Debra Newell.

Dirty John, The Dirty Truth also features stories of Meehan's other crimes - including extortion, burglary and stalking - as well as interviews with Dirty John podcast creator Christopher Goffard and police detectives.

And it already has fans hooked.



The news comes after it was confirmed that the true crime series would be returning to telly screens for a second season - but with a "different" and "self contained" story.

There aren't many other details available at the moment.


However, seeing as the series looks set to be an anthology, we can go ahead and assume it's going to focus on another crime or conman story of a similar nature.

You can read more about that here.