Remain calm but there's a second season of Dirty John on the way 1 year ago

Remain calm but there's a second season of Dirty John on the way


But also... How?

(*Spoilers for the first season of Dirty John.)

If you've streamed all of Dirty John on Netflix, there are a few things that you will know to be true.

The first is that Connie Britton has got the naive, mildly irritating, probably-would've-stayed-with-this-guy-if-he-hadn't-tried-to-murder-my-daughter vibe down.

The second is that Eric Bana in scrubs is definitely a #look even though he's playing a complete creep.

And the third is that there probably wouldn't ever be a second season of this show - because John is brutally murdered in the last episode in an act of self defence.

The story is over. It's done.

But a second season of Dirty John has just been ordered so we guess that anything is possible.

Deadline reports that Bravo has ordered a second season of the true crime show, but that this time, the story will be a lot different.

Season two will be "self contained" and "different" to the first with details to come at a later date - but seeing as the series looks set to be an anthology, we can go ahead and assume it's going to focus on another crime or conman story of a similar nature.

And yeah, this may be a bit of a cop out when it comes to the actual story of John Meehan, but never fear because Oxygen has ordered an additional docu-series about the life of real John Meehan.

Not Eric Bana this time lads, unfortunately.

This documentary will explore the life of John through the lens of his victims over the years.

So we can expect a whole lot more from Debra, Terra, and Veronica Newell over the coming months.

Can't wait.