Prince Harry rolling his eyes at Liam Payne singing is our favourite thing ever 3 years ago

Prince Harry rolling his eyes at Liam Payne singing is our favourite thing ever

YES to this.

Life must drag when you're a royal - long, stuffy events; shaking hands with plebs - and it looks like Prince Harry just let the mask slip a little.


Harry has a reputation for being a bit cheeky but it looks like he was in full-on sass mode during a service at Westminster Abbey in London yesterday.

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He, fiancé Meghan Markle and the rest of his family were at the event to mark Commonwealth Day and enjoyed (or maybe didn't enjoy) performances from Portsmouth Gospel Choir, Ghanaian drumming group One-Drum and spoken word artist Jaspreet Kaur.

Liam Payne also made an appearance, singing his version of John Mayer's 'Waiting On The World To Change'.

As Liam finished the song and bumped fists with his guitarists, Harry turned to give Meghan, who was sitting next to him, a quick but unmissable eye roll.


We've all been there - lad at a house party pulls out his guitar, everyone groans inwardly.

We wouldn't say Liam will be getting the nod to perform at the royal wedding later this year after that.

It comes not long after Harry's dad threw shade at Liam's other half, Cheryl.

Prince Charles gave a speech at the Prince's Trust Awards in London last week and managed to get a few digs in about the former Girls Aloud star, who is an ambassador of the charity.

"I am hugely grateful to all the celebrity ambassadors.

"Cheryl Tweedy... I thought to myself some time ago 'who is Cheryl Tweedy?' I suddenly realised I knew the Cheryl bit but missed out on the Tweedy. But, I am enormously grateful to her for raising £1million.


"I can't keep up with all the changes of names that the companies do either, ladies and gentlemen."

Liam and Cheryl will be snapping.