The Teletubbies - Where are they now? 7 years ago

The Teletubbies - Where are they now?

Teletubbies were a strange bunch.

Where do I even begin with their nonsensical ways? Homeboys had television screens in their stomachs, FFS. Not to mention the strange antennas poking out of their spongey little heads? Nothing short of a satellite dish would've surprised me with those folk.


The last episodes were recorded in 2014, so let's see what they've been up to since.

Tinky Winky



After filming wrapped up, Tinky Winky followed his heart into the world of fashion. Famed for his exquisite taste in handbags, TW brought his expertise to the masses and even designed the exact handbag that Kate Middleton used one time on a trip to Tesco.

Now happily married to an interior designer named Peter, Tinky Winky truly seems to have it all. He's often referred to as the Philip Treacy of handbags and we're inclined to agree, with stores such as Penneys, Dunnes and TK Maxx stocking his beautiful bags.

He frequently rubs antennas with the stars and says his dream person to design a bag for is a toss-up between Michelle Heaton and Sonia from Eastenders.





After a much-publicised court appearance over not paying his TV licence, this handsome chap turned his hand to the world of repairs. He never shied away from the fact that his abdomen is literally a television, but he refused to pay the licence fee as he felt he was being penalised for a very blatant birth defect.

A reformed man after his criminal past, Dipsy truly believes that he was put on this earth to help others with their glitchy devices. His repair service is booming, with upwards of three televisions being successfully repaired at his workshop each month. What a success story!


Quite the handyman, Dipsy also helps out at his brother's car garage on the weekends, using his conveniently shaped antenna as a dipstick to check the oil level in cars. He's recently proposed to his girlfriend, who unfortunately said no due to his shameful past. We wish him the best.




This talented lady followed her dreams (and name) to the bright lights of LA. After a brief stint as an extra on Grey's Anatomy, she soon fell into the unforgiving trap of being a typecast actor. Nobody could see past her adorable familiarity as a dancing and singing member of a mythological species, and she was unable to secure any work.


Laa-Laa reportedly hit the tubby custard a bit too hard after that and was forced to spend six months in a rehabilitation centre just outside Los Angeles. Not surprisingly, she escaped just four hours into her stay and hasn't been seen since. All that she left behind was a note that said 'Time for tubby bye bye'.

It's been suggested that Laa-Laa sold her famous antenna on the black market for a large sum of money to feed her tubby custard addiction and is now traveling around mainland Europe. We reached out to her spokesperson for a comment but were unable to get a reply.




The most adorable Teletubby has probably lead the most adventurous life since her commitments with the television series ended. She rode her adorable scooter straight into the porn industry and hasn't looked back since.

Directors instantly loved Po, especially given the endless possibilities that her antenna presented them with. It wasn't long before Noo-Noo was on set getting involved as well. You may have seen the both of them in such pornographic films as 'Lady and the Actual Tramp', 'Oliver and Po', 'Winter's Moan' and 'The Truman Po'.

Outside of work, Po is happily married to Simon, an IT consultant. They have two beautiful children and a third one on the way. Bless.



Lead image via BBC.

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