Tom and Ellie's secret kiss exposed in tonight's Love Island 1 month ago

Tom and Ellie's secret kiss exposed in tonight's Love Island

Oh boy.

Looks like things are heating up in the Love Island villa, as Tom and Ellie's secret kiss is about to be exposed.


On last night's show, Will told Tanya, Shaq and Jessie about the kiss just moments before he was summoned to go on a date.

Tanya then told Zara, who took it upon herself to let Olivia know.

Reacting to the news, Zara says: "Ew, ew, what a player. If Ellie doesn't then I'm going to tell Liv, I'm telling her. The bed's not even cold, I'm still f**king in it."

In the teaser for tonight, we saw Zara about to break the news to Olivia, as well as the fallout.


Zara tells her: "I’ve just been told by Tanya that Ellie and Tom kissed.”

Olivia asks if she's joking, and Tanya adds that he hasn't told the boys.

Mocking Tom, Olivia says: "'I want to explore it again' my a***. Are you serious?"


Olivia then tells Zara and Tanya about her conversations with Tom, and references Ellie, saying: "What and he comes and tells me that he ‘sees her as a friend’?"

She then pulls Tom for a chat and asks him: "Do you have anything you want to tell me?"

Elsewhere on tonight's episode, Ron pulls Lana for a chat to discuss the arrival of Samie, while Kai apologises to Tanyel for kissing Sammie in front of her.

We'll also see Will head out on a date with Jessie, during which, she tells him: "You honestly make me so happy, no guy has ever made me feel like this."


He replies, saying: "That’s literally all I want to do, as long as you’re happy and you feel loved and beautiful, that’s all I want to do."

Later on, the islanders celebrate Tanya's birthday, but a text threatens to shake things up.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media Two and on the Virgin Media Player.

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