The X Factor has been cancelled on Sundays, replaced by Catchphrase 7 months ago

The X Factor has been cancelled on Sundays, replaced by Catchphrase

Mr Chips is shook.

The X Factor has been cancelled on Sundays in favour of Catchphrase, proving that the public do indeed prefer watching random people guessing words over random people singing words.

Which, yeah, fair enough, like.

This comes as the latest spinoff of Simon Cowell's reality TV show, The X Factor: Celebrity, kicked off a few weeks back in a bid to save the format.

The live results show was once aired on a Sunday after the main show on Saturday, giving viewers a full 24 hours to vote for their favourite acts.

Now, however, ITV have decided to scrap this idea entirely and instead, offer an extended Saturday show to get everything done.

The first live X Factor: Celebrity show will air this Saturday on ITV, starting at 8.20pm and ending at 10.10pm. This is the first time that the show hasn't operated two live show per weekend since 2008.

The new format saw a host of vague celebrities show up to Cowell's home for a bit of a sing-a-long.

They included Jenny Ryan from The Chase, your man from Glee, and a load of people from Love Island. 

Oh, an Ben Foden. For some reason.

Jenny was not offered a place in the live shows until online backlash made it so - because hey, that's how reality TV works these days, we guess.

The X Factor: Celebrity live shows kicks off this Saturday at 8.20pm.