Here's what the lines on your hands say about you 6 years ago

Here's what the lines on your hands say about you

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There's a lot of speculation about the accuracy of palm reading. A lot of people will argue that it's complete nonsense, while others swear blind that their hands can predict who's going to be booted out of the Celebrity Big Brother house next.


I don't often speak about it, but I'm actually a fully qualified palm reader. I keep it pretty quiet because I'd rather not be constantly hounded by people for readings.

So, for one night only, here's what those lines in your hands say about you.

1. Heart Line



If you've got a very visible and long heart line, you are likely to be quite a decent person. You'll hold the door open for people and frequently chat about the weather to elderly folk on the bus. The worst thing you've ever done is unsafely ejected a USB, as you were handing over the idea for Facebook to Mark Zuckerberg.

If you have a very short, or complete lack of a heart line, it means you are a heartless pig. You probably spend your days "accidentally" driving over your seven-year-old neighbour's remote control car. You were disappointed by the ending of Love Actually because you wanted them all to die.



2. Life Line


If your life line is quite lengthy, you are most likely a popular little Polly. Your weekends are filled with excursions and events with your nearest and dearest. A cheeky midweek cocktail is never far from your thoughts and, although you pay for it the next day, you still manage to keep on top of things.

A short or very faded life line means you are a bit of a loner and will probably die soon. You prefer solo activities such as reading and writing mean comments underneath blatantly satirical articles on the internet. You are also a brand of hangover-reducing tablets.



3. Head Line


If you have a strong head line, your website will get lots of hits and you can sit back and relax for the rest of the day. Also, if you have a strong head line on your hand, it means you are very clued in. Your taxes are in order, you never forget to take the bins out and you always have ice cubes ready in the tray.

A weak head line means you're quite forgetful. You'll lend people DVDs and forget to ask for them back, God forbid they'd actually do it of their own volition. You're quite a shy and laid-back person, often waiting for others to make the first move. You love dogs and hate the Portuguese.



4. Fate Line


A strong and long fate line means you're quite superstitious. You buy scratch cards and then lottery tickets with your winnings. Your grandchildren's inheritance is resting comfortably in hundreds of Prize Bond entries. You're a massive fan of George Michael and struggle to pronounce the 'th' in words.

A faint or lack of a fate line means you're a cynical Cindy. Nobody has ever successfully pulled the wool over your eyes. You hate sports and laughed your way through Titanicyou monster. As a child, your favourite game was hide and seek, but you always cheated because you were then and remain to be scum.



Unedited image via Indian Palm Reading