Toy Show star Michael Moloney to release first single 4 months ago

Toy Show star Michael Moloney to release first single

The 14 year-old wowed audiences with his performance of Dermot Kennedy's Giants on last year's Toy Show.

Michael Moloney, who performed a duet with Dermot Kennedy on the Late Late Toy Show last year, is set to debut his first single.


The song, All That I Do, is inspired by the 14 year-old's late father and will be released on 21 May on Universal Music Ireland.

The teenager reunited with Ryan Tubridy recently to chat about his influences ahead of the single's release.

"This song was different from my other songs. I was writing about a real-life event that happened, and the lyrics embodied how I felt about my dad passing away," Michael said.

"All my other songs had been written for the guitar, so I sat down at the piano for a while and came up with this chord progression. The melody and lyrics soon followed."

When asked if he wants to pursue a career in music, Michael said: "It was never a conscious decision to be a musician; it just sort of evolved. But who knows what the future might bring? I'm open to everything."

Michael wowed audiences with his voice on the Toy Show last November. Before he sang Dermot Kennedy's hit song Giants, he dedicated his performance to his father.


"He passed away three years ago," Michael said. "I know he'd be really proud."

Tubridy confirmed that his father would be "the proudest man in Ireland to see his son singing like this."

Michael wowed audiences not only with his voice and guitar-playing, but for his sheer professionalism. When Dermot Kennedy surprised the teenager on stage and joined in, Michael kept his cool and didn't miss a beat.

"You were such a professional," Ryan said afterwards. "You were so good, and you're a brilliant talent."


Dermot agreed, and called Michael's performance "flawless".