Luca Bish's sister is forced to quit social media following backlash about her brother 6 months ago

Luca Bish's sister is forced to quit social media following backlash about her brother

She has been getting a lot of hate.

Love Island star Luca Bish's sister Claudia has been forced to remove herself from social media following the backlash directed at her brother.


Claudia has been managing Luca's social media during his time on the show, and since she has been under the reigns, there has been an outpour of criticism flowing in.

Following on from his behaviour during Movie Night, viewers have been heading to his social media accounts to leave nasty comments, or at least give the account a piece of their mind.

Speaking about the trolling, Claudia revealed that she has decided to take a break from running Luca's Instagram account, explaining that she has not been "coping very well."

Opening up in a Q&A about how she and her family were getting on, Claudia answered: "If I'm being honest, not remotely OK. It's really hard.


"How would you feel if you were having people constantly praying for death for the people you love over more than anything in the world?


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"We feel broken. I understand that people will always have their opinions, but if you saw HALF of the messages we have received then I'm sure anyone would feel disgusted."


Sharing some of the messages that had been sent to her through Luca's account, one read: "I hope [Luca] gets shot when he leaves the villa."

She added: "I really wanted to do a fun Q&A today, but I'm going to have to take a little breather from it all as I'm not coping very well with seeing stuff like this.

"Thank you for the continued support for the ones showing love, you are all angels, but understandably I'll be logging off from managing the account for a little bit."

The backlash comes as Luca and Dami were accused by viewers of bullying Tasha on the show, during both Movie Night and the game of Snog, Marry, Pie.


Dami pied her during the challenge, saying she "gets away with a lot of stuff", while Luca chose to pie Tasha, citing his reason as: "I could give you a list, but I'll let it go for today. It's just a game."

While Tasha was noticeably upset, the two boys defended themselves saying "It’s just a game," but eventually apologised for their behaviour.