A Derry Girls star made an appearance in Conversations with Friends last night 1 year ago

A Derry Girls star made an appearance in Conversations with Friends last night

He's not going anywhere.

Conversations With Friends aired on RTÉ last night and viewers were left jaw dropped as one very familiar Derry Girls star made a surprise appearance.


Fans were left in shock when none other than Da Gerry, or as we know him best Tommy Tiernan, turned up as main character Frances' dad on the new show.

Going from an emotional goodbye on Channel 4 with the end of the much loved series, fans didn't expect to see Tommy pop up on their screens again in the new show.

Thankfully, it was a good reaction as fans were only delighted that he wouldn't be leaving the TV screen for too long.


Taking to Twitter, viewers were delighted to see his TV return, even if it was, to us, only a matter of minutes apart.

One person said: "Can't say I feel hugely compelled to watch another episode of #conversationswithfriends. The Tommy Tiernan cameo was the only scene that made me sit up and pay attention - and the only glimmer of something interesting going on."

Another said: "Seeing Tommy Tiernan in both Derry Girls and Conversations with Friends proved to me just how talented an actor he is. Phenomenal performances."

A third added: "Turned on #ConversationswithFriends after #derrygirlsfinale and seeing Tommy Tiernan here as well, what a superb actor! I really hope he keeps doing it, he's fab!."


While a fourth wrote: "Semi related: seeing Tommy Tiernan pop up in Conversations with Friends as Frances' dad made me screech "Gerry!" at the top of lungs like Ma Mary (such is your reach @TaraLynneONeil1!). Sorry Tommy, you'll forever be Gerry Quinn to me now, I don't make the rules!"