Love Island leaves fans on massive cliffhanger as a recoupling looms 1 month ago

Love Island leaves fans on massive cliffhanger as a recoupling looms

Too much drama to deal with.

Love Island viewers were left sitting on the edge of their seats during last night's episode with enough drama to last the entire series but really couldn't cope after being left on a massive cliffhanger.


That's right, the classic Love Island cliffhangers are back and this time, we're not only waiting to see what a dramatic recoupling will lead to – someone's set to be dumped from the villa.

This recoupling will see the boys picking who they want to couple up with and whatever girl is left single will be dumped from the island immediately.

Fans are now saying the recoupling is needed more than ever after an explosive episode as tears were shed and flights were plentiful.

The episode saw the fallout from Tom and Ellie's kiss after Will told Jessie, Tanya and Shaq the gossip. He then went off on a date with Jessie, leaving Tanya to deal with what she had heard.


It wasn't long before Tanya told Zara and the two broke the news to Olivia.

Olivia then confronted Tom, asking him: "Do you have anything you want to tell me?"

Accusing Tom of playing games, she continued: "You can't have your cake and eat it."


The drama only went further when Zara had a go at Tom, Ron told Lana that he wanted to get to know Samie and led to Lana getting upset over their romance.

We then saw Kai and Tanyel on the rocks too as he also is looking to get to know Samie, as well as Tanyel's blow up with Aaron.

For the first time in a while for Love Island, fans really can't predict who will couple up with who.


One person wrote on Twitter: "the order of this recoupling is going to be so important."

Another said: "Wondering how the next recoupling is gonna go seeing as they all hate each other."

A third said: "I actually can’t predict this recoupling beyond the obvious 2 couples it’s gonna be absolute chaos."

While a fourth added: "Naa tomorrow’s recoupling is so unpredictable but I don’t want Zara to go she’s giving the drama we need."

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