This Louis Theroux meme account is so funny you will be hooked 4 years ago

This Louis Theroux meme account is so funny you will be hooked

All hail King Louis.

There is nothing we love more than binge watching Louis Theroux documentaries. Forever investigating the weird and wonderful, Louis gives us an insight into everything from Miami's toughest prisons to the world of rap amongst the streets of America, even entering himself into a rap battle. No lie.


So, to put it in few words, there is nothing Louis could do that would surprise us. We are here to support him and watch him on no matter what he investigates.

And because he investigates so much weird sh*t, a meme page has been created which generates hilarious investigations for Louis.

The page titled Louis Theroux Bot has us in tears with hilarious one liners that we keep saying in Louis' voice. What makes them so funny is although they are utterly bizarre, we could ACTUALLY believe them being a real thing.

One post says:


While another writes...

Anyone else dying at these...


OK, we think this could be our favourite one!


The posts which are so hilarious, they have even caught the attention of the man himself. Louis has gone and actually re-created one of the fake titles and we are in tears.

You can check it out below.