Love Island's Jessie Wynter reveals she was spat at after her time in the villa 2 months ago

Love Island's Jessie Wynter reveals she was spat at after her time in the villa

This is hilarious..

Love Island contestant, Jessie Wynter revealed that she was spat on after her time in the villa but, before you get your pitch forks out, she said it wasn't by a human.


On an episode of Heatworld's heat dates, Jessie said opened up about her time with Will on the outside since the show ended.

She was asked how things with the couple are going after visiting Will's family farm to which she answered: "It was so nice to go straight to the farm.

"We got a bit of time to wind down I got to see the animals I didn’t get chased so that’s a plus.

“Usually whenever a dog comes up to me it’ll jump on me and I’ll fall over but it didn’t happen.”


Will added: "She saw all the animals yesterday.

"Timon and Pumba the alpacas but she got spatted at. She was screaming ‘Will, Will what’s happening?’.

“It’s normal for alpacas to spit at people. It kind of like their love language."


Okay Will, it's normal, we believe you.

The couple seem to be having a great time on Will's farm in Buckinghamshire and Jessie seems to be fitting in to farming life pretty well.

If you've been keeping up with the islanders since they left the villa, you'll know that Will and Jessie in particular are posting lots of photos together.


They're getting pretty cosy being together and we're absolutely loving the animal content that's for sure.

In one post they wrote: "To the villa, to London, to the FARM. What a crazy, wonderful and life lasting journey this has been. We made friends for life, met each other and more importantly have fallen in love ❤️.

"We are so happy that we got this opportunity as without it we may have never met. We just want to thank all of you for the love and support we have gotten, we really couldn’t have done it without you.

"Love you all Will & Jessie ?❤️," they wrote in a joint Insta post.


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