10 things all girls who wear tights will know 6 years ago

10 things all girls who wear tights will know

While a dog may be man's best friend, a pair of tights is definitely a woman's best friend.

Well, speaking from my own experience, they've been there for me to rely on more than most of my friends and family.


Tights are so universal that they can go with nearly every outfit and especially because of the unpredictable Irish weather, they can keep you warm or cool.

Feeling cold? Put on a pair of tights. Don't like your legs? Put on a pair of tights. Feeling hopeless about the future? PUT. ON. A. PAIR. OF. TIGHTS.

As a dedicated tights wearer, I compiled a list of things that all girls will be able to identify with when it comes to wearing tights.

Tights always ladder like an absolute BITCH


As great a help tights are, they CANNOT be trusted.

They're also impossible to find

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Anytime I put my tights in the wash, I can NEVER EVER find them. Whether it's because they're so light or because my washing machine is literally eating them, I always hate washing my tights because I very well may not see them again.

The sizes of tights in shops are SO warped


What is with the sizes of tights being so weird? In most shops, they have S, M, L or else, (even worse) one size fits all.

I've bought large sized tights where they're too short or else don't cover my hips which just doesn't make sense.

Besides, how many women are there on earth? Three sizes just ISN'T GOOD ENOUGH.

They somehow always fall down easily


Clearly, there are an unwarranted amount of sadists wandering the tights manufacturing industry as there are so many pairs of tights I've spent good money on and they just fall down every time I try to walk or move in them.

WHAT IS THE POINT? I don't want to walk around with my tights around my ankles? Sort it out lads.

Sucky-in tights are like a death grip

There are plenty of tights that promise to 'control' your hips and stomach, but instead hinder all chances of breathing. Yes, really.

I remember being at a house party trying to take off a certain pair and I nearly had to do a Ross in Friends on it, the one with the leather pants.

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Little holes around your toes are so sore

Yes, even despite the annoying feeling of finding a ladder in your tights, your beloved tights can also just make holes in themselves anywhere.


I've had numerous amount of holes in the bottoms of my tights and it's so sore having the pressure on a toe. OUCH.

It's SO hard to get a reliable pair of tights

While you can get tights in Penneys, Dunnes, Topshop or specific hosiery stockists online, you don't want to splurge on a pair that is going to rip, ladder or cut your toe off.

I've been wearing tights close to 20 years now and still have yet to find a shop that sells a decent pair.

Sometimes, they're itchy as hell for no reason

What is with that? You're sitting at your desk in work and all of a sudden, you feel like you've got fleas or something.

It's understandable that they're made of elastic but still, why the itch?

Even your 'good pair' of tights can let you down

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It's the worst case scenario, you finally find a pair you're half happy with and then BAM they ladder, just like all the rest.

Tights are the number one cause for trust issues in Irish women, did you know?

Tan tights are an abomination to the world and should never have been invented


Tan tights were a mistake we all made going to pre-teenage discos and should be left in the PAST.