Chinese companies are giving female employees over 30 special 'dating leave' 1 year ago

Chinese companies are giving female employees over 30 special 'dating leave'


This is honestly one of the greatest stories of the year.


Dating is something that many people find difficult, especially when it comes to finding the time.

We work, we exercise and we spend time with family and friends.

So where would we find the time to find our dream man?

Well, two businesses in China are looking to combat this issue.

The companies are allowing single female employees over the age of 30 special dating leave, ie: time off to go dating.

dating leave

Wild, but we're here for it.


The companies are responsible for a theme park based on the Song Dynasty in the country's east.

And they want all unmarried 'middle-aged' women to get out into the dating world.

But, the reason behind this is actually kind of sad.

According to theĀ South China Morning Post, women in this age category who are still single are considered 'leftover women'.

Sad. And terrifying.


dating leave

Apparently, it is believed that that women over their mid-twenties who haven't bagged a man are considered less desirable.

The company's HRM said:

"The ratio of men to women in our company is about the same."


"But women employees mostly work in internal functional departments and some are show performers...some female staff have less contact with the outside world."

"Therefore, we hope to give more leave to female staff, to give them more time and opportunities to be in contact with the opposite sex."