This girl's 18th birthday cake may be the funniest one ever 5 years ago

This girl's 18th birthday cake may be the funniest one ever

When it comes to birthdays, we never tire of seeing how other people celebrate theirs.

Whether it be an 18th, a 21st, 30th or 40th, it's these little milestones in life to look forward to that get us through the daily grind.


We all have our own ways of celebrating a birthday, depending on whether you're a party person or more a quiet, introverted person preferring to go for dinner, it's still nice to mark the occasion.

One girl who was celebrating a significantly important birthday was Abbi Price, an animal science student from the UK.


Like many of us, Abbi had a big bash planned for her birthday, and no doubt celebrated with numerous mates into the early hours of the morning but it is her birthday cake that has gained serious viral attention.

At birthdays, certain photos always emerge from our friends and family to mortify us, ranging on a wide spectrum from embarrassing baby photos or snaps where you're blind drunk and mooning the camera - but for Abbi, it was photos of her being spectacularly hungover that were, unfortunately, the inspiration for her cake.





A hilarious picture of her with her head down the toilet was used as inspiration for her cake and we can't applaud Abbi's parents enough for this stellar decision.


Fans of the cake were more than vocal about their appreciation of the hilarious creation.