One mum's 'back to school' photoshoot is just hilarious 5 years ago

One mum's 'back to school' photoshoot is just hilarious

Ah, mothers.

Where would we be without them?


We see photoshoots from engagements, weddings, and christenings, but sometimes when many of us are celebrating, we have to ask - where is our photoshoot?

One hilarious mother has starred in an amazing shoot of her own, celebrating a momentous time of year for many women - when the kids go back to school.


Posting a status to Facebook, the clearly devastated mother bid adieu to her brood of children.


"Happy 1st day of school kids. I'm gonna miss y'all ? Please help me share this with other parents that need a good laugh!"

Standing beside her children, all ready to head off to school for the year, the hilarious mother jumps for joy at the thought of having the house to herself once again.




What a GAS woman.

People couldn't help but giggle at the mum's joy because of her kids going back to school.


All images via Facebook