You can now actually study Harry Potter law in university, so sign us UP 2 years ago

You can now actually study Harry Potter law in university, so sign us UP

We're sirius. 

Lads, this is big news.


An Indian university has introduced a course based on the world of Harry Potter, and its laws, to 'encourage creative thinking'.

How cool is that? You can actually go to college and study Harry Potter.

The course is called 'An interface between Fantasy Fiction Literature and Law: Special focus on Rowling's Potterverse'.

It started in December at one of the top law universities in Kolkata, West Bengal.


One of the course classes is about how social and class rights in India can be equated to the 'enslavement of house-elves and the marginalisation of werewolves'. We know, madness.

study harry potter

The magical and mysterious course will also look at the ministry of magic, Tom Riddle, the Wizengamot trials and the innocence of Sirius Black.

Professor Shouvik Kumar Guha is the genius behind the course, and said that it has already reached the capacity of 40 students.

Apparently calls have been made for the university to expand its student intake, which we support.

Speaking to the BBC, professor Guha said:

"In our current system, we simply tell students the black letter of law."

"Will they be able to apply pre-existing laws to situations that have never come up before?"

"You can also see so many examples of how media is subverted by political institutions in the Potter books and see parallels in the real world," he said.

"Rowling's universe talks a lot about how legal institutions are failing in some scenarios."

Yeah, so we're moving to India to study Harry Potter. Bye now.