Where has Jack gone on Love Island? An investigation 1 month ago

Where has Jack gone on Love Island? An investigation

Is he even still there?

In yet another game of "where's Jack Keating gone?" on social media, fans of Love Island are concerned about the whereabouts of the Dubliner after another episode saw him missing out on screen time.


Ronan Keating's son appeared in the Casa Amor villa last week, but after one conversation with Gemma Owen, it seems he has been forgotten about by producers and little of him has been seen since.

Last night's episode saw the second one in a row where the social media manager wasn't on screens and fans are close to sending out a search party for him.

Taking to Twitter, many have aired their concerns and queries.

One person said: "Jack Keating really does say it best when he says nothing at all, then #loveisland."


Another wrote: "Where is jack? He spoke about his dad then left."

A third added: "Just caught up with #LoveIsland - is Ronan Keating’s son Jack even in there anymore?"

While a fourth said: "Is it just me but has anyone else realised that jack hasn’t been in this episode once."


Another said: "Also can we talk about how Jack went into Casa, had one conversation about his dad being Ronan Keating and literally dropped off the face of the earth."

One Twitter user, however, did spot Jack on screen last night, writing: "Jack Keating finally made an appearance in this episode of #LoveIsland 56 minutes in…wooo."

Hey, it's better than nothing.

While he was briefly seen in the bedroom in a "blink and you miss it" scene, fans are scratching their heads wondering where he could possibly be other than this one clip.


Jack isn't the only person that has been shunned by producers since entering the villa for Casa Amor, as Jazmine seems to have taken the same approach as Jack and simply vanished from the main villa.

Jazmine joined the show as one of the six bombshells as the girls left for Casa Amor, but she hasn't really been seen on screen since.

Viewers have taken to Twitter to give their theories but also noticed that when Luca returned to the bedroom after sleeping outside, the bed he hopped into was empty.

Some are now asking to "send a search party” for Jazmine as they think she is "missing" and many are now scratching their heads wondering if she is still in the villa at all.


Similar to Jack, she is still there but is not getting any screen time. In preview photos for tonight's recoupling, there are in fact six girls lined up in front of the boys.

While Jazmine has yet to make her presence in the villa known, she wasn't shown at all on Tuesday night's episode, but the camera did go on her as she slept last night.